Ultrasonic Diffuser LED lights Essential Oil Aroma Mist Maker 300ML

Humidifying Ultrasonic Diffuser Will Be Sure To Provide you Quality Air Promoting a healthy environment for you & your family. There's many ways that this can help improve the air quality in your home. This works perfect for eliminating allergens in the air caused by pets, dust mites, and many other harmful particles released into the air. This has great potential to enhance your mood with your preferred essential oils. 

Amazing Features & Benefits

  • Time Control Mode - Control the time of operation with remote capability or manually
  • 7 LED Color Options - Enhance the feeling of your mood with chromo therapeutic colors
  • Non Slip Base - Safe for placing on a flat surface
  • Noiseless - Operating below 20 decibels
  • Easy to use - Add Water & preferred essential oils