Ultrasonic Diffuser Mist Maker Classic Wood Style

This would be the perfect addition to enjoy relaxing in a Serene Environment. With a large capacity 400ml tank, diffusing at a rate of 30ml   an hour, This our biggest and longest lasting ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. provides you with up to 6 hours of quality serene time. Ultrasonic diffusers promote a healthy living environment in many ways! This will eliminate harmful allergens in the air, Add humidity to the air promoting healthy skin & enhance your mood (with your preferred essential oils) With so many uses, we guarantee you will be satisfied. 

What's more? The Ultrasonic is by far the most popular choice of diffusers and it's for good reason.

  • No Filter Needed - Easy Clean 
  • Just Add Water - No Additions Needed
  • Breaks the Essential oil particles down into their base molecules purifying the air in the process
  • Energy efficient - Runs smooth & quiet 
  • Time Control Mode - Control the time of operation with remote capability or manually
  • 7 LED Color Options - Enhance the feeling of your mood with chromotherapy
  • Noiseless - Operating below 20 decibels
  • Humidifying Capability - Moisturizes the air on a micro level promoting great skin care