Ultrasonic Diffuser Air Humidifier With LED Light

With Elegant, Soothing Colors This Diffuser Will Be Sure To Stimulate Your Senses. This amazing diffuser works wonders in many ways. A 220ML tank provides you with 3-4 Hours or serene time. Remote control capabilities; no need to change manually. Control the mist to fit your needs & truly enjoy yourself. 

Amazing Diffuser Works Wonders For Promoting Healthy Skin, Relieving Allergies, Breathing Problems & More!

  • Ultrasonic Capability - electronic frequencies create ultrasonic vibrations that break up molecules in the air providing pure high-quality air released into the atmosphere
  •  Easy To Use - Just add water & your preferred essential oils no other additions needed
  • Humidifies the air creating a healthy environment for your skin to receive the right amount of moisture
  • 7 LED Color Capability - Chromo therapeutic to enhance sensations felt through vibrant colors
  • Powerfully Removes dust, mold, mildew, & allergens within the air