Earwax Candles Hollow Blend Cones Healthy Beeswax Cleaning Natural Aroma

100% organic plant material, 100% natural beeswax ear candle wax with high quality, flame stability during burning, smokeless, candle ashes have no temperature after burning 100% handmade, quality assurance.

How to use:

Lie on your side and use a cotton ball to hold the other ear. Insert the ear candle into your ear and light the other end.

Please use this beeswax candles under the guidance of professional.

Best suitable for:

1.People who work outdoors or a lot of dust in the working environment.

2. People who feel use earplugs, has a sinus infection tube or excess ear wax.

3.People who takes part in water activities, wearing a hearing aid, or is doing aroma care treatment.

 Unsuitable For:

 People who suffer perforated eardrums or purulent ears, pregnant women, menstruation.