Our Story


What We Stand For

Hello and Welcome to Top Serene! Here we strive to improve our communities health overall. We enjoy providing Natural Essential Oils, Accessories & Supplements that have been found to enhance well being. We truly care about sharing products & information that give a sense of comfort, serenity, and the feeling of relaxing at a Spa all in the comfort of your home. We have great aspirations here at Top Serene, we feel a strong need to educate people on Natural products so that they have another way to Heal without the use of drugs, medicine, and other potentially harmful synthetic substances.


Angelo (Founder)

I remember like yesterday the nostalgic feeling of my mother igniting incense and essential oils on fire, for a slight moment I would think "what's the purpose of lighting a stick on fire?..." minutes later I would be entranced in an aroma that engulfed the entire house. It was like experiencing a total serenity. since then I have always been infatuated with Natural herbs, Essential Oils & Natural products in general. I would say she was definitely an inspiration when it came to creating this company. I believe Essential oils have healing qualities that can benefit the Mind, Body, & Spirit. With the new idea in mind, I decided to create Top Serene, a brand that provides high-quality Essentials to people who care about nourishing their Mind, Body & Spirit to operate at their highest potential.

Throughout life, I've noticed there has always been a big gap in the education of natural product's. Asking a random person the majority of the time how to heal a migraine, headache, sleep apnea, anxiety I would get the reply of "take an Advil or some Tylenol" the only natural product that I've seen the masses accustomed to is taking Melatonin for sleep which is a good start. Here at Top Serene, we Aspire to enlighten people that the gift's that the earth produces can bring value to lives and there are other ways of sustaining and improving Health & Well Being.


Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is not to be the largest essential oils company; it is to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanly possible. Ultimately, We feel this is possible only by providing our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. We understand that there is a huge space to be filled on educating society on how holistic ways of living can truly benefit them rather than being something to shrug off as a secondhand remedy and we accept the challenge. If we are not truly making an impact then it is simply not worth it for us as a company because we truly care. Healthcare in the United States has tripled over the years since the 1970's being at  74.6 billion annually to recent years late 2017 statistics being 3.5 trillion annually only to continue rising. We believe we can truly make an impact on the world by changing the lives of other's providing other options to heal their body the natural way.