Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bag Air Purifier Odor Extractant

Ever had an unpleasant smell in your home that was difficult to get rid of? The natural qualities of this Activated Bamboo Charcoal will be sure to aid you in getting rid of pungent smells. It powerfully extracts the moisture from the air, keeping it dry and fresh. Not only does it purify the air,It removes potentially harmful mold and mildew in the air. This works wonders for places in your home that hasn't had much sunlight that have begun to collect bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Improves the breathing quality of those affected with asthma, allergic reactions & respiratory problems. In keeping this around the contaminated living area's within the house you will start to see the symptoms of breathing issues reduced greatly.

For best results: For the ability to get as many uses; keeping its absorption well, take it out in the sun once a month for at least an hour each time.